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Residents of Bukuya gold mines that were arrested during the evictions receive legal assistance from a team of lawyers from Chapter Four and ActionAid Uganda.

Mubende miners count losses after ruthless eviction

Kawunde Patrick has been in the gold mining business for three years now. Previously he was a timber dealer and before that he traded in South Sudan until unrest broke out. On the fateful morning of the Mubende mines eviction, he watched in horror as his livelihood was swept right from under

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miner at lujinji gold mine

Mubende gold miners given a two hours ultimatum to vacate the mines

 Over 50,000 artisanal miners operating in Mubende district were ordered to vacate the gold miners within a period of two hours on Friday 04/08/2017. This operation to evict all the artisanal gold miners in Mubende district is was led by Col Balikuddembe Lutaaya commander 1st division in

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Emily Drani, Executive Director CCFU

Cultural institutions agitate for fair share in extractives sector

On 21st June, the three prime ministers from Ker Kwaro Acholi, Alur Kingdom and Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom launched Guidelines to equip cultural leaders in their institutions in managing their relationship with the oil and gas companies as productively as possible. The guidelines reflect the three

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Mubende artisanal miners that had come to attend the meeting with the President's advisor on Land. Photo by Josephine Nabbaale

President Museveni orders eviction of Mubende gold miners; sends the miners in panick

About 50,000 artisanal miners and leaders in Mubende district are in fear and panic following President Museveni’s order directing them to vacate areas which Government licensed to investors. “We are in shock that the President can approve the eviction without him coming down to hear our

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Chamber of Mines and Petroleum get new leaders

Chamber of Mines and Petroleum get new leaders Dr Josephine Wapakabulo, CEO, UNOC joins the Chamber as special advisor, Elly Karuhanga retains his seat as chairman The Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) has elected new board members. In the election last week, UCMP members

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Did you Know?

Upstream, Downstream, Midstream

“Upstream” refers to the exploration and extraction of oil and gas.  “Downstream” generally refers to the refining, storage, transport and retailing of oil and gas products.   Some people describe refining and petrochemical processes as “midstream,” and use “downstream” to refer only to marketing and retailing of finished products.

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