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Energy Minister re-affirms government's committment to joining EITI at the EITI annual conference in Sydney, Australia last year. Despite repeated assurances from government, EITI

As UK joins EITI, elsewhere its credibility is being challenged

A series of crises in EITI countries like Ethiopia, Niger and Azerbaijan has triggered doubts about whether the scheme is really helping citizens groups there hold their governments to account.

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A meeting in Rwamutoga

Reinforce citizens’ land rights first, satisfy commercial interests after

President Museveni must reprioritize so that Uganda’s natural resource assets are developed for the benefit of Ugandan citizens—not in spite of them.

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Directions to oil wells in Buliisa District owned by Tullow Oil

Be clear on royalty-sharing with cultural institutions

The provisions on royalties, if not properly handled, will cause conflicts between the recipient districts, local governments and the cultural or traditional institutions.

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South Omo Basin

Tullow Oil pulling out of Ethiopia

Media reports coming out of Ethiopia indicate that Tullow Oil has decided to cut its losses and abandon its costly drilling campaign in the South Omo basin after its fourth well yielded disappointing results.

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Total's General Manager, François Rafin. (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

Total to recover more oil with new technology

Total E&P has revealed plans to deploy a new technology in Uganda’s Albertine oil fields that will increase the country’s recoverable oil volumes by about 25 percent.

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Did you Know?

Venture capital

Money invested in ventures that can bring large (and sometimes quite quick) profits but which also involve high risk.

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