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Global Witness Cover Page

Secrecy only breeds suspicion

Last week, international campaigner Global Witness released a report exposing the details of some of the ‘secret’ contracts the Uganda government has with the international oil companies operating in the country.

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Two men merry making in Kyapaloni town, Kabaale parish, Hoima. (Photo: Chris Opio)

Court throws out oil refinery residents’ petition

The Land Division Court in Kampala has ruled against an interim injunction to stop the eviction of eleven families in Kabaale Parish, Hoima district, by government, saying it is “a matter of  no urgency.”

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The new Motor Care Service Centre in Hoima (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

Oil spurs new business in Hoima

With Uganda’s oil industry steadily progressing towards the development and production stages, companies are setting up shop in Hoima district hoping to get a slice of the tens of trillions of shillings that will be sunk into the oil-rich district in the next few years.

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A copy of the form the residents were forced to sign

Oil fuels land grabs in the Albertine Region

Rather than resolve the conflicts, some local leaders are facilitating well-connected individuals to grab ancestral lands from title-less locals.

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River Nyamwamba makes its way down to Lake George

Copper ‘waste’ poisoning Kasese river

Long-standing pollution problem underscores the importance of properly decommissioning mining projects.

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Did you Know?

Petroleum Fund, Stabilisation Fund, Sovereign Wealth Fund

A fund, separate from government’s general budget, which receives part or all of the revenues from natural resources.  Norway, Chile and some oil producing countries in the Middle East have created such funds.   The money is invested, rather than spent, so that future generations will also have the opportunity to benefit from the present harvesting of natural resources.  Saving some of the revenues for future use also helps to reduce the risk of ‘Dutch Disease.’

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