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Ag. Director of the Petroleum Directorate, Ernest Rubondo

Petroleum Directorate formed as oil institutions begin to take shape

A Petroleum Directorate has been established in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Oil in Uganda has learnt.

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Mr. Sasiirwe Jonny

“President Museveni’s Advisors misleading him on value addition”

Sasiirwe Jonny is the National Chairman of the Artisanal and Small Scale Miners Association in Uganda. He has been involved in mining for over 26 years and owns the Kasita Mining Company in Mubende District.  He talked to Oil in Uganda about working in an industry that he joined at the age of

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Oil agriculture

Oil and gas may be seen as the in-thing for cash-hungry governments in Africa, but agriculture will outlast it. 

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Image: RVR repairs

Invest oil money in infrastructure, health-Survey

A survey commissioned by Oil in Uganda in Western and Central Uganda has revealed that a bigger percentage of Ugandans there would like the government to invest oil proceeds in improving road and transport infrastructure. 

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vicent kato

“Compulsory acquisition of land is the last option”

Kato Vincent is the Principal Exploration Geologist in charge of designing and implementing exploration programs in the Department of Geological Survey and Mines in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. Oil in Uganda talked to him about the mining sector in Uganda.

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Did you Know?

Oil majors

This, in the oil industry and some media, is the term for describing the handful of very large oil companies engaged in all aspects of the industry, from exploration to selling refined products. Best known names are Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Total and BP, but Brazil’s Petrobras, China’s Petrochina and CNOOC and Russia’s Lukoil and Gazprom are now operating in the same league.

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