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Newly-appointed Chairman of the National Oil Company, Emmanuel Katongole stresses a point at the conference. (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

Recruitment for oil institutions commences

The search to fill managerial positions in Uganda’s National Oil Company and Petroleum Authority has officially kicked off. 

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Source: Global Witness

NGOs ask government not to grant oil licenses in Lake Edward area

Over sixty Ugandan and international NGOs issued a joint press statement in Kampala this week calling on the Uganda government to stop its plans of licensing out the Ngaji oil block at the DRC border in order to preserve the pristine environment of the Virunga National Park.

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Dr.Abed Bwanika wants to give 30% of oil revenues to the oil-producing regions.

How presidential candidates plan to manage oil and mining resources

A review of the different manifestos of presidential candidates reveals that many of them  want greater transparency and accountability in the management of oil and gas resources.

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Slide from a presentation by Eng Irene Muloni (MP). Minister of Energy and Mineral Development in June 2014 at the Mining on Top: Africa – London Summit.

The risks and benefits of going nuclear

In this finale of  a four-part series on the nuclear industry, Luke Williams assesses the benefits of Uganda's planned nuclear program as the country seeks to reduce its power deficit and power an industrialised economy. 

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Graphic:  The southern route being considered in fact terminates at Tanga port, near Tanzania´s border with Kenya, not at Dar es Salaam as shown here.

What’s going on? Cracks appear in oil company partnership as pipeline saga drags on

Just when it seemed that Uganda’s oil export pipeline was finally agreed, everything is up in the air again.

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Did you Know?

Cost oil, Profit oil

If a company finds oil in an area that it is exploring, it is usually entitled to recover the costs of its investment from sale of the oil it discovers.  Eg, if the company spends $100 million on exploration and production, and finds oil worth $500 million, it is entitled to recover its $100 million from total sales of the oil; this is called “cost oil.”  The remaining $400 million is called “profit oil” and is divided between the company and the government in accordance with the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) they reached.  The PSA may outline a timetable for the company’s recovery of “cost oil”– for example, stipulating that during the early years of production the company cannot take all of the oil as “cost oil” but that a certain percentage of it must be counted as “profit oil,” to ensure that the government does not have to wait for years before seeing any share of the profits.  (See also Production Sharing Agreement.)

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