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President Yoweri Museveni

The options for a Ugandan Nuclear Energy Programme

According to the National Development Plan 2010-2015 and Vision 2040, Uganda intends to use its uranium reserves to generate electricity using nuclear power stations. With this goal in mind there are a number of options available to Uganda that we discuss in this third part of our nuclear industry

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Tanzania Flag

Tanzania passes ‘urgent’ petroleum laws, Civil Society concerned

Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete last week told the country’s Parliament that he would accent to the recently passed petroleum Bills as soon as they get to his desk days after the Legislators passed three controversial laws amidst concerns by civil society that the process was not

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Extractive Affair

An Extractive Affair: The world’s poorest country loses millions to tax dodging

ActionAid has released a new investigative report that reveals that cash-strapped Malawi lost over $43 million to one company in tax in the last six years.

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The King of Bunyoro, His Majesty Solomon Gafabusa Iguru displays a precious stone. The Kingdom hopes to use royalties to boost household incomes in the Region (Photo: Francis Mugerwa)

Bunyoro leaders demand for more

Leaders from the oil-rich Bunyoro Kingdom want Parliament to review the recently-passed oil laws and include clauses that will empower the Kingdom and people in the region to realise economic benefits from the exploitation of oil and gas resources.

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The Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia is the longest-running and one of the largest open pit uranium mines in the world

Uranium can power Uganda’s growth, but at what cost?

Uganda’s Vision 2040 estimates that the country will require 41,738 MW of installed capacity by 2040, of which nearly 60% (24,000 MW) will come from nuclear. In this second article about Uganda’s nuclear industry, Luke Williams talks about how much uranium has been found to date and Uganda’s

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Did you Know?

Official Development Assistance

This is the technical term for foreign aid, including both loans and grants. The Development Assistance Committee of the OECD (Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development) defines what is allowed to count as aid, and gathers data on total aid flows, which it publishes on its website.

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