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The King of Bunyoro, His Majesty Solomon Gafabusa Iguru displays a precious stone. The Kingdom hopes to use royalties to boost household incomes in the Region (Photo: Francis Mugerwa)

Bunyoro awaits oil royalties

As Uganda’s oil production date draws nearer, the prospect of receiving hundreds, possibly billions of shillings every year in oil royalties has district officials in Bunyoro region excited, and thinking big.

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Tullow Oil Uganda's General Manager, Jimmy Mugerwa. Many Ugandans are going overseas to obtain qualifications to compete for jobs like his.

Uganda’s oil resources double, Tullow awards more scholarships

Uganda's oil resources have increased from 3.5 billion to 6.5 billion barrels following appraisals of different discoveries in the oil-rich Albertine Region. 

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Ogenga Latigo (2)

“We want our share”

Prof. Morris Ogenga-Latigo is a Ugandan politician and farmer. Formerly Leader of Opposition in Parliament, he is now the Chairman of the Acholi Technical Working Committee on Oil and Gas, whose objective is to ensure that the Acholi sub-region gets a fair share of oil benefits. 

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An artisanal mining operation in Mubende District.

Responsible mining must preserve the environment

Uganda appears set to intensify mineral exploitation to spur economic development, but this should not be at the expense of the environment in mineral-rich areas.

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Parliament will have no control over oil funds, say MPs

Former Finance Minister and Senior Presidential Advisor on Finance and Planning, Ezra Suruma, has criticized the Public Finance Management Bill for vesting too much power in the office of the Minister for Finance.

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Did you Know?


A (usually small) company that prospects for oil in areas where there has been little or no previous exploration.  If wildcatter companies strike oil they usually sell their rights over it to bigger players and move on.

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