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A woman sets up a roadside stall in Kigorobya, Hoima. (Photo: Stephen Wandera)

Hoima farmers rue shrunk market for their produce

Demand for fresh produce from the oil camps dropped to a paltry 2,490 kilograms in 2015, from 73,286 kilograms the previous year.

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Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund case offers good lessons for Uganda

While a trendy priority for new oil producers, sovereign wealth funds can easily be manipulated if their internal governance and oversight are not strong enough. 

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A woman 'washes' the powder using water and mercury to extract the gold.

Exploit the full potential of artisanal mining

Artisanal gold mining in Uganda today employs way more than the oil sector will ever employ in its lifetime. The bulk of artisanal mining occurs in gold-rich areas.

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Bunyoro Land Picture

Land fraud on the rise in Bunyoro

Locals say their customary land is being fraudulently registered in other people’s names who later use the fake titles to evict them

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Locals accuse Tororo Phosphate investors of cheating them

Uganda’s biggest mining project accused of manipulating locals into signing unfavourable land lease agreements.

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Did you Know?

Dutch Disease

‘Dutch Disease’ refers to a situation where growth in income from natural resources damages other sectors of a country’s economy.  This happens because increased revenues from natural resource exports tend to increase the value of the exporting nation’s currency. That makes the country’s other exports, such as agricultural products and manufactured goods, more expensive and therefore less competitive in world markets.  The economy thus becomes over-reliant on the natural resources that it is exporting—and this can be particularly damaging if, for any reason, there is a drop in world price for those natural resources.

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