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A woman displays a piece of impure gold after the 'washing' process. To purify it, its heated using a burner to remove the mercury.

Artisanal miners flood Mubende

Many unemployed youth are migrating to the gold rich district in search of a ‘golden’ opportunity.

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The writer at the top of the super pit gold mine

Uganda too can prosper from extractives

My visit to the Goldfields region in Western Australia offered me some lessons for Uganda.

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Mr. Denis Kamurasi

“It’s taken too long”

Denis Kamurasi is the Vice Chairperson of the Association of Uganda Oil and Gas Service Providers (AUGAS) and a Director at Quantum Associates Uganda Ltd, a locally owned logistics company. Oil in Uganda talked to him about the challenges local businesses involved in the oil and gas sector in

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L-R: Hon. Peter Lokeris, Hon. Michael Mawanda and the Anti Corruption Coalition's Abbas Kigozi

Lack of information hindering transparency

Civil society and Parliamentarians have criticised the Uganda government for with holding information on the oil and gas industry, arguing that it hinders governance of the sector.

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A converted vehicle gets refilled at Ubungo station (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

Tanzania building a gas-powered economy

Buoyed by ‘world class’ gas discoveries over the past few years, Tanzania is hastening plans to put its abundant resource to local use.

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Did you Know?

Natural resource curse

The ‘natural resource curse’ refers to situations where the extraction of a country’s natural resource wealth causes widespread harm.  This is commonly said to result from political conflict over the resources, high inequality in the distribution of benefits, environmental pollution, corruption, weak government institutions unable or unwilling to manage the resources effectively, or a combination of all of these.  (See also, ‘Dutch Disease’)

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