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Hon. Peter Lokeris

Parliament to discuss new mining law next month

A new mining law to be debated by parliament starting next month promises to improve the environment for investment and generally enhance Uganda’s mining sector.

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Tanzania Flag

Tanzania suspended from EITI weeks after passing law

The Board of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has suspended Tanzania for failing to publish its EITI report for 2012/2013 in time.

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Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary, Kabagambe Kaliisa at the launch of the licensing round in Kampala. (Photo: F. Nalubega)

We shall survive, says Tullow Boss as Government promises Christmas present

Tullow Oil‘s Vice President Tim O’Hanlon’s speech on Tuesday at the Africa Oil Week in Cape Town delivered a message of hope to a hall full of oil industry executives that are faced by the same problem: declining oil prices.

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CSBAG image on PFMA Cropped

Regulations should address gaps in Public Finance Management Act

The law is laden with a number of ambiguities that should be clarified in the regulations when they are eventually released.

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Some of the children in the make shift cap in Rwamutonga. (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

Rwamutonga evictions: Court rules in victims’ favour, but they will not be returning to their homes yet

The Masindi High Court on Thursday delivered what may be the first set of good news that the more than 250 homeless families have received in over a year when it ruled that their eviction from their homes in Rwamutonga, Hoima, was illegal.

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Did you Know?

Rents, rent-seeking

Economic “rents” are profits which are higher than would be expected in a situation of theoretically perfect competition.   (For example, if a company or government has a monopoly over a particular resource, they can command a higher price for it.) “Rent-seeking” describes the behaviour of individuals and businesses who try to get special rights over the resource, rather than adding value to it or creating new wealth.  (That is, investing in getting a bigger slice of the cake rather than doing anything to make the cake bigger.)

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