Oil in Uganda and MS TCDC Regional conference
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Ken Lukyamuzi

Is oil likely to destroy the environment?

We asked a range of people what their views are and here are their responses.

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A copy of the form the residents were forced to sign

Oil fuels land grabs in the Albertine Region

Rather than resolve the conflicts, some local leaders are facilitating well-connected individuals to grab ancestral lands from title-less locals.

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River Nyamwamba makes its way down to Lake George

Copper ‘waste’ poisoning Kasese river

Long-standing pollution problem underscores the importance of properly decommissioning mining projects.

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Elephants stroll

We have the expertise to pull it off-Total

Total E&P Uganda is working in Exploration Area 1 (EA-1) and Exploration Area 1A (EA-1A) within the Albertine Region. Below, the company’s Biodiversity Coordinator, Imogen Crowford, talks about working in an ecologically-sensitive area, and says Total is doing all it can to keep the Albertine

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The King of Bunyoro, His Majesty Solomon Gafabusa Iguru displays a precious stone. The Kingdom hopes to use royalties to boost household incomes in the Region (Photo: Francis Mugerwa)

Bunyoro awaits oil royalties

As Uganda’s oil production date draws nearer, the prospect of receiving hundreds, possibly billions of shillings every year in oil royalties has district officials in Bunyoro region excited, and thinking big.

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Did you Know?

Asymmetric information

This is a term that economists use to describe a situation where, especially during contract negotiations or transactions, one party has much more knowledge and information than the other.

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