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A woman 'washes' the powder using water and mercury to extract the gold.

Exploit the full potential of artisanal mining

Artisanal gold mining in Uganda today employs way more than the oil sector will ever employ in its lifetime. The bulk of artisanal mining occurs in gold-rich areas.

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Bunyoro Land Picture

Land fraud on the rise in Bunyoro

Locals say their customary land is being fraudulently registered in other people’s names who later use the fake titles to evict them

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Locals accuse Tororo Phosphate investors of cheating them

Uganda’s biggest mining project accused of manipulating locals into signing unfavourable land lease agreements.

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Patrick Okello Oryema

We are mere spectators, says Nwoya District Chairman

In an exclusive interview with Oil in Uganda, Patrick Okello Oryema, the Nwoya district Chairman complains about what he perceives as systematic exclusion of his people and region from participating in the oil and gas sector.

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Finance Minister Matia Kasaija at the signing ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Norwegian Embassy)

National Budget: 188 Billion allocated to oil and gas projects

The Uganda Government has earmarked 188 billion shillings towards the implementation of its oil and gas plans in the 2016/17 financial year.

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Did you Know?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The idea that private companies not only have a duty to abide by the law and to create a profit for their shareholders, but also have responsibilities to wider society (and even to future generations).

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