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  • Joan Namukasa, a Tullow Uganda drilling engineer, reviews technical reports with colleagues at a rig site (Photo: Tullow Oil Uganda)

    Low oil prices forcing companies to lay off staff

    Tullow Uganda’s drilling engineers at work. Such jobs are getting scarce as oil companies downsize amidst weak returns from low oil prices. (Photo: Tullow Oil Uganda)

    2015 looks set to be the harshest year for the global oil and gas industry in recent times with hundreds of thousands of people expected to lose their jobs if oil prices continue their free fall or fail to recover significantly in the next few months. Read More

  • Ugandans are being encouraged to enter into joint ventures with international oil and gas contractors but it is unlikely they can afford that level of investment.

    Transparency activists look to 2016 as UK leads the EU in adopting new law

    Starting 2016, it will be possible to track the amounts of money some oil and gas companies are paying to governments around the world, including Uganda.

    Oil, gas, mining and logging companies incorporated or listed in the United Kingdom will, starting in 2016, publicly disclose all payments they make to governments of countries in which they work  following the passing into law of the European Union Accounting Directive  by the British Parliament yesterday. Read More

  • Crude oil prices since

    Oil prices fall further as defiant OPEC seeks to hurt US producers

    Crude oil prices since 2005 (Source: NASDAQ)

    Crude oil prices sunk to a new $72-a-barrel low on Friday following a controversial decision by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to maintain current production in a bid to undermine production from the United States-a non-OPEC member whose shale oil has been flooding the market. Read More

  • Total's General Manager, François Rafin. (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

    Taxes a bigger problem than poor infrastructure-Total Boss

     François Rafin is the new General Manager at Total E&P Uganda. He has worked for Total for over 35 years. Oil in Uganda spoke to him about his posting to Uganda and his plans to see first oil during his tenure. Read More

  • Fred Musinguzi with Tullow Officials at the construction site of the Kyehoro health centre. (Photo: F.Mugerwa)

    Local content: Hoima businessman defies the odds

    As locals in the oil-rich Albertine region lament about failing to access business opportunities in the oil and gas industry, one of them seems to have penetrated the notorious local content ‘wall of steel.’  Read More

  • Tullow Uganda's Environment czar, Phillipe Bouzet (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

    Oil waste: Just how much should Uganda expect?

    Tullow Uganda’s Environment Manager, Phillipe Bouzet (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

    About 300,000 tonnes of drilling waste will be produced when oil production starts, Tullow Uganda’s Environmental Manager, Philippe Bouzet, has revealed. Read More

  • South Omo Basin

    Tullow Oil pulling out of Ethiopia

    Media reports coming out of Ethiopia indicate that Tullow Oil has decided to cut its losses and abandon its costly drilling campaign in the South Omo basin after its fourth well yielded disappointing results. Read More

  • Total's General Manager, François Rafin. (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

    Total to recover more oil with new technology

    Total’s General Manager, François Rafin. (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

    Total E&P has revealed plans to deploy a new technology in Uganda’s Albertine oil fields that will increase the country’s recoverable oil volumes by about 25 percent. Read More

  • President Yoweri Museveni

    Museveni makes U-turn on taxing extractives investments

    Newly-appointed Chairman of the National Oil Company, Emmanuel Katongole, stresses a point at the conference. (Photo: Beatrice Ongode)

    In a complete turnaround to what he promised the mining industry last year, President Yoweri Museveni yesterday told delegates at the just concluded Mineral Wealth Conference in Kampala that government would not give any tax subsidies to investors in the mining sector because he had been advised against it by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). Read More

  • The new Motor Care Service Centre in Hoima (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    Oil spurs new business in Hoima

    The new Motor Care Service Centre in Hoima (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    With Uganda’s oil industry steadily progressing towards the development and production stages, companies are setting up shop in Hoima district hoping to get a slice of the tens of trillions of shillings that will be sunk into the oil-rich district in the next few years. Read More