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Inspection Services

  • Image: Inspecta International logo

    Inspecta International

    Established in the USA in 1991 by Mahmoud Al Shehry, Inspecta International is a global company providing specialized services in ‘asset integrity management’—making sure that expensive equipment is fit for purpose and will not break down.

    The company started out with consultancy services in non-destructive testing, welding and metallurgical quality control for clients in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries in USA. Twenty years on, Inspecta has grown to become a leading global provider of testing services, quality assurance control. Read More

  • Image: Lloyds British logo

    Lloyds British Testing Uganda

    Lloyds British Testing is a leading global inspection, testing and training company with over 200 years of experience.  Headquartered in London, UK, where it has 11 branches, the company embarked only relatively recently, in 2000, on an overseas expansion drive. It now has ten international offices in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Australia, South Africa, Sweden and Uganda. Read More