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International Oil Companies

  • J&H Internationals Group

    J&H Internationals Group is a leading global inspection, testing and training company with unrivalled experience. Headquartered in the UK, the company embarked on an overseas expansion drive in 2016 after see growth within East Africa. It now has international offices in Southern Europe and Uganda, East Africa.

    J&H Internationals Group Uganda, set up its offices in January 2016 as a base for its operations in East Africa. Currently, we provide Training, Inspection, Condition Survey and Pressure Testing services for clients in Uganda and East Africa as a whole, to UK and International Standards which are recognised globally. This involves testing of Oil and Gas Installations, Assets, Plant, Equipment and Personnel, make sure that they are capable and competent of performing to the necessary requirements laid down by stringent regulations and requirements required by International Companies prior to being put into operation.

    J&H Internationals Group’s clients in Uganda include, but not limited to; Transtrac, Medicines Sans Frontiers and Songea Satom, to list but a few. Going forward, the Ugandan subsidiary plans to be a “One Stop Shop” for all Inspection, Supply and Testing within Uganda and East Africa, providing and delivering professional Training and Inspection to its high standards set by our full list of International Training and Inspection creditors.

    The company employs two in-house trainers. Training usually takes place on our client’s site with a mixture of theory and practical training.

    In Uganda, the company currently employs a total of 12 national staff. At any one time, depending on customer demand and also, between two and five expatriate staff may be in country to provide specialist expertise. Busy periods occur during the compulsory sixmonthly and yearly inspections of equipment on well sites and construction sites.

  • Total

    Total SA was incorporated in 1924, when it was known as the French Petroleum Company.  Within two decades it had become an “integrated” company, involved in exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and gas products.  After World War II it began extensive operations in French colonies in Africa—notably Algeria and the Gulf of Guinea—where it remains a major oil player.  In 1999 Total took over Petrofina (originally, the Belgian Petroleum Company), which, earlier in the ‘90s, had briefly held an exploration license in Uganda.  The following year Total also took over its rival French company, Elf Aquitaine. Read More


    The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) was established by China’s State Council (cabinet) in 1982, to serve as the Chinese partner of international oil companies exploring and extracting oil and gas in Chinese waters.   The corporation and its numerous subsidiaries have grown steadily and strongly, to become one of the world’s largest “integrated” oil companies, working in all aspects of the industry, from upstream exploration, to refining, processing, storage and retailing. Read More

  • Tullow Oil PLC

    Tullow Oil PLC  is named after a small town in Ireland which was home to its Chief Executive Officer, Aidan Heavey, who founded the company in 1985.  It is now based in London, UK, but describes itself as “Africa’s leading independent oil company.”    In 2010 it reported revenues of more than US$1, billion and US$234 million profits. Read More