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Who are the world’s biggest oil producers and consumers?

According to the  CIA World Factbook , 40 countries have one billion barrels of oil reserves or more.  The top ten are: Saudi Arabia      263 billion

Venezuela	211 billion
Canada         	175 billion
Iran         	137 billion
Iraq         	115 billion
Kuwait          115 billion
UAE          	98 billion
Russia         	60 billion
Libya        	46 billion
Nigeria        	37 billion

The Factbook estimates that Uganda has reserves of just 1 billion barrels, putting it in 40th place as an oil reserve country.

Reserves are not the same as actual production.  In 2010, Saudi Arabia was the world’s lead producer, pumping ten million barrels a day, followed by Russia, the United States and China.  (The latter two countries rank 13th and 14th respectively in reserves, but are extracting these fast.)  A full list of recent production is published by the US Energy Information Administration here.

The United States is by far the biggest oil consumer, using 19 million barrels a day, followed by China, which consumes 9 million barrels daily.  The 27 countries of the European Union together consume 13.7 million barrels a day. Uganda currently consumes no more than 14 thousand barrels a day.

It is revealing to look at these figures in per capita terms. How much oil do these different parts of the world consume per citizen per year?  The answer is:

US citizens:              	22 barrels
EU citizens:			10 barrels
Chinese citizens:          	2.5 barrels
Ugandan citizens:          	Slightly over one tenth of a barrel

Basis of calculation:

USA : 19 million barrels per day x 365 divided by 312 million people
EU: 13.7 million barrels per day x 365 divided by 502 million people
China:  9 million barrels per day x 365 divided by 1,300 million people
Uganda: 0.014 million barrels per day x 365 divided by 33 million people