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What is the plan for producing, refining and selling the oil?

The government of Uganda and President Museveni himself have strongly and consistently advocated building an oil refinery in Uganda to supply the country with fuel (probably also exporting refined products to Rwanda and some parts of Kenya and Tanzania), and to stimulate the development of a local, petrochemicals industry.  This is now set to happen, although the details remain unclear.  Government policy appears to be to export any crude oil that is surplus to the requirements of the refinery.

But the government is not alone in the driving seat of oil production.

Countries like Uganda lack both the expertise and the large amount of cash needed to invest in oil exploration and production and so have little choice but to licence international oil companies to carry out these activities.  In fact, Ugandan scientists and technicians spent many years (as related by retired Oil Commissioner Reuben Kashumbazi in his memoir, A Matter of Faith—see our RESOURCES {insert link to annotated bibliography} section for details), struggling to collect enough geological and geophysical data to convince international oil companies that there was a chance of finding oil in the Albertine Graben.  In short, Uganda could not go it alone, and needed to bring international expertise and capital to unlock its oil resources.  This makes the actual production strategy and process a complicated, multi-stakeholder affair, subject to negotiation between the government and the oil companies.