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Host communities unhappy with oil companies, says report

Image: Kiborogya women working

45 % of the respondents said they were facing increasing difficulty in accessing firewood  due to oil activity (Photo: S. Wandera-Kigorobya, Hoima)

The majority of the communities in the Albertine Region are unhappy with the oil companies operating there, according to findings of a study commissioned by International Alert, an international peace-building NGO.

When asked if they were “satisfied with the interaction/dialogue with oil companies”, 62 % of the respondents said they were not.  An even bigger proportion (80 %) reported that they were particularly concerned that the oil companies had not released any statement to address any of their concerns.

According to the study, more than half of the respondents reported increased restriction to fishing activities, but the problem was more prominent in Acholi (67%), and Bunyoro (65%) sub-regions.

An equivalent proportion also anticipates an increase in jobs offered by the oil industry, as well as individual income.

The study, entitled Governance and Livelihoods in Uganda’s Oil-Rich Albertine Graben, was commissioned one year ago with the aim of generating baseline data to measure the degree and quality of change in the oil affected areas as a result of oil exploration.

It was funded by the Democratic Governance Facility, the UK Department for International Development UKAID, and the Irish Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

1,215 respondents were interviewed in thirteen districts in the five sub-regions of the Albertine, namely Kigezi, Rwenzori, Bunyoro, Acholi and West Nile.


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