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Lloyds British Testing Uganda

Image: Lloyds British logoLloyds British Testing is a leading global inspection, testing and training company with over 200 years of experience.  Headquartered in London, UK, where it has 11 branches, the company embarked only relatively recently, in 2000, on an overseas expansion drive. It now has ten international offices in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Australia, South Africa, Sweden and Uganda.

Lloyds British Testing Uganda, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyds British Testing, set up its offices in February 2011 as a base for its operations in East Africa. However, before this, the company had already been servicing three Tullow Oil well sites—Tangi, Bugungu and Kasinga—employing three people to supervise crane lifting activities. Tullow had also previously contracted Lloyds British in its Ghana operations.

Currently, Lloyds British is contracted to provide ‘pressure testing’ services for their customers in Uganda. This basically involves testing oil installations and equipment, to make sure that they are capable of performing to the necessary specifications before being put into operation.

Lloyds British Testing’s clients in Uganda include Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Ugandan Breweries and OGEC. Going forward, the Ugandan subsidiary plans to be a full-service inspection and testing provider within the country, offering, in addition to pressure testing, tubular inspection, load testing and training.

The company employs two in-house trainers. Training usually takes place on site with a mixture of theory and practical training.

Lloyds British also plans to build a workshop in Kampala to manufacture as well as repair damaged equipment. Currently there is no facility in Uganda with the capacity to repair damaged lifting equipment such as slings and cranes. The workshop would also have a ‘test bed’ where load testing could take place.

In Uganda, the company currently employs a total of 12 national staff. At any one time, depending on customer demand, between two and five expatriate staff may be in country to provide specialist expertise. Busy periods occur during the compulsory six-monthly and yearly inspections of equipment on well sites.

Brian McIntosh, LBT’s Country manager, was appointed in July 2012 to the post of Chairman of the Oil and Gas Management Committee where he will represent the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum. The Committee has been formed to formulate the legislation on standards across all service provision within the country. Lloyds British Testing conforms to the British and European Standards. It is expected that the government of Ugandan will adopt legislation based on those standards.

For more, see the company websiteReport by Chantal Sirisena

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