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Threeways Shipping

Image; Threeways Shipping logoThreeways Shipping Services is a member of the Bro Group of companies, which specialises in local and international clearing and forwarding. The company was incorporated in 1992 in the United Kingdom where it operated as a clearing house for its first decade in business. It was incorporated in Uganda in 1996.

Threeways’ main presence is in East Africa and South Africa, but they have access to a global shipping network through a partnership with Hellman Worldwide Logistics, a leading German inernational logistics provider.

Threeways Shipping Services are currently the foremost provider of clearing & freight forwarding services to Uganda’s oil & gas sector.

Bro Group is made up of four companies: Threeways Shipping, Threeways Distribution, Transtac and Touch FM.

Threeways Shipping heads the group, handling all contracts and coordinating the group’s projects. Transtrac is the heavy-lifting arm of the group and specialises in regional haulage. Its fleet includes over 40 specialised trailer long haul trucks, 15 body trucks ranging from 5-10tons and 10 cranes.

Threeways Distribution deals with light equipment and warehousing services.

Touch FM is the group’s media end of the business. In addition to broadcasting, it deals with public relations, managing any Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and generally engaging itself in team building and socialising activities within the company.

The group has over 500 employees, 99% of them national staff.

The company won its first contract with Hardman Resources in 2006, leading to significant  growth for Threeways.  When Tullow bought out Hardman in 2007, Threeways Shipping underwent a major transformation in order to meet the requirements of servicing the oil exploration company.

Following, the February 2012 farm-down deal with CNOOC and Total, many of Threeways’ contracts with Tullow were novated and transferred to CNOOC and Total. Threeways remains the primary logistics provider for each of the companies for all ‘on the ground’ work (i.e. logistics work within Uganda).  Other major clients include Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes.

For more, see the  company websiteReport by Chantal Sirisena