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Uganda News Links


Kaberuka tips Uganda on oil The Independent November 8, 2012

No private entity should manage oil, MPs insist Daily Monitor, November 6, 2012

MPs disagree on proposed amendments to the oil bills Uganda Radio Network, November 1, 2012

Gov’t embarks on final steps in oil refinery construction Uganda Radio Network, October 12, 2012

Oil bills delayed as Parliament goes on recess Uganda Radio Network, October 12, 2012

Move to cut ministers’ powers stands in way of passing oil bill Daily Monitor, October 11, 2012

MPs on Oil Forum propose own amendments Uganda Radio Network, October 11, 2012

Uganda and Kenya seek oil joint projects New Vision, October 11, 2012

MPs move to reduce powers of Energy minister Uganda Radio Network, October 5, 2012

Uganda’s Petroleum Institute announces 3rd intake Uganda Radio Network, October 5, 2012

Names of oil wells threaten heritage of local communities – MP Uganda Radio Network, October 5, 2012

Energy minister defends creation of oil commercial unit Uganda Radio Network, October 4, 2012

Uganda confirms more oil deposits The Daily Monitor, September 18, 2012.

Create own model to manage oil, says expert The Daily Monitor, September 17, 2012.

CSOs want oil sector managed by Parliament  The New Vision, September 16, 2012.

MPS warn of over-reliance on oil funds The New Vision, September 15, 2012.

MPs satisfied with defence in UK oil case  The Daily Monitor, September 6, 2012.

UWA demands 3% of oil revenue  The New Vision, July 06, 2012.

MP Lukyamuzi warns government on oil refinery impact on tourism  Uganda Picks, July 06, 2012.

Errors mar oil refinery draft report  Uganda Radio Network,September 05, 2012.

Donor opposition won’t stop oil refinery- Government  Sunrise, July 05, 2012.

Uganda is the cheapest place to find oil in the world The New Vision, 04 July, 2012.

Doubt surrounds gov’t oil production dateline Uganda Radio Network, June 20, 2012.

Global oil giants eye Kenya as MPs delay Uganda operations The Independent June 10, 2012.

Oil refinery to displace 30,000 The Independent, June 04, 2012.

Government promises oil refinery in 3 years The Independent, February 17, 2012.

Oil refinery: Bad deal  The Observer, July 20, 2010

Bunyoro MPs want ban on issuing land titles lifted  The New Vision, July 20, 2012

UWA demands 3% share of oil revenue  The New Vision, July 06, 2012

Oil to catalyse billions in investments  The New Vision, July 05, 2012

Government discloses oil deals  The New Vision, June 30, 2012

Mugerwa named new Tullow Oil boss  The New Vision, June 26, 2012

Bunyoro angry with Museveni on oil sharing  The Observer, June 21, 2012

Oil: Experts warn of environmental crisis   The New Vision, June 16, 2012

Living in Fear of Oil Waste  The Independent, June 15, 2012

Bunyoro King storms Parliament over oil revenue The New Vision, June 02, 2012

Trillions at stake in oil dealings  The Daily Monitor, May 29 2012

Oil firm withdraws operation in midwest  The Daily Monitor, May 28 2012

EA needs one refinery to process oil, says expert   The Daily Monitor, May 28 2012

Land grabbing in oil region  The Independent, May 27 2012

AG in London to plead oil case  The Daily Monitor, May 25 2012

Oil probe reaches Bunyoro wells   The Daily Monitor, May 25 2012

Land demarcation at oil refinery begins  The Daily Monitor, May 21 2012

Army, oil firm cited in L. Albert killings The Daily Monitor, May 21 2012

Makerere University, Total, sign MoU to improve quality of engineering   The Daily Monitor, May 21 2012

Oil, energy attract more cash, jobs  The Observer, May 17 2012

How oil revenues will be managed  The Observer, May 17 2012

Oil companies face strict waste management rules The Observer, May 15 2012

‘Uganda’s oil and gas sector provides investment opportunities’  The New Vision, May 13 2012

MPs quiz oil company over failure to pay tax  The Daily Monitor, May 12 2012

2900 hectares of land set aside for oil refinery  The New Vision, May 02 2012

Police trains oil protection unit  The New Vision, April 26 2012

Museveni assures Ugandans on oil   The New Vision, April 26 2012

Does Uganda need an oil company?  The New Vision, April 23 2012

Tullow’s  oil spin  The Independent, April 21 2012

Tullow to spend over US$ 300 million in Uganda oil  The Independent, April 21 2012

Oil: Rwenzori residents wary of parks wipeout The Daily Monitor, April 20 2012

Police chief clears Tullow of bribery claim The Daily Monitor, April 19 2012

Uganda oil pipeline in advanced stages  The New Vision, April 16 2012

Civil society groups input into the oil bills UG Pulse, April 16 2012

An oil rat race?  The Independent, April 15 2012

Legal adviser tells government to give oil region residents land titles  The Daily Monitor, April 13 2012

We have more on Tullow, MPs say  The Daily Monitor, April 13 2012

Government asks Neptune to pack up and leave The Red Pepper, April 10 2012

Mixed reactions in Uganda as Kenya strikes oil  The Daily Monitor, April 10 2012

ACODE under investigation  The Independent, April 09 2012

Tamoil pipeline deal expires  The Daily Monitor, April 04 2012

Bank of Uganda probes civil society accounts  The Sunday Monitor, April 01 2012

Uganda likely to auction 04 oil blocks  The New Vision, March 29 2012

MPs to petition European parliament over oil deals  The New Vision, March 28 2012

Bunyoro demands oil preproduction accountability The New Vision, March 27, 2012

Ministers sucked into oil-rich land wrangles  The Observer, March 21 2012

Oil case pay dispute opens can of worms The Observer, March 18 2012

Oil refinery land demarcation to start in two weeks  The New Vision, March 12 2012

Where will money for oil infrastructure come from?  The New Vision, March 10 2012

Ministries fight over oil revenue management  The Red Pepper, March 08 2012

Uganda will earn sh922million per day from oil  The New Vision, March 07 2012

Oil firm plans new investments  The Independent, March 02 2012

Stanbic Bank pledges to support local oil and gas service providers  The New Vision, February 28 2012

Govt wants more Shs7 billion for Heritage tax case  Daily Monitor, February 26 2012

CNOOC in talks to construct oil refinery in Uganda The New Vision, February 25 2012

Oil probe petition: Full court judgment The New Vision, February 24 2012

Museveni dismisses talk of oil curse Daily Monitor, February 24 2012

How Bunyoro misses out on trappings of oil Daily Monitor, February 24 2012

Tullow to sue URA over oil tax money, Daily Monitor February 23 2012

MPs tell off Museveni over UK oil petition Daily Monitor, February 23 2012

Govt should prepare Ugandans to benefit from oil, experts say Daily Monitor, February 22 2012

Museveni seizes oil letter to UK Parliament The New Vision, February 22 2012

Tullow finally sells 67% oil stake Daily Monitor, February 22 2012

Oil ad hoc committee to resume work Daily Monitor, February 22 2012

Mbabazi, ministers shouldn’t step aside–Court  Daily Monitor, February 21 2012

Ban on Bunyoro land titles provokes high emotions Daily Monitor, February 20 2012

Experts tip Uganda on setting up oil-related industries Daily Monitor, February 18 2012

South Sudan seeks new oil pipeline  Daily Monitor, February 18 2012

Uganda to process 1b barrels of oil only  The New Vision, February 17 2012

Oil not a guarantee to growth – expert Daily Monitor, February 16 2012

Muloni addresses oil debate on UK TV The New Vision, February 16 2012

Govt tables second major oil Bill The New Vision, February 16 2012

Govt tables another oil Bill Daily Monitor, February 15 2012

MPs want Museveni oil speech nullified Daily Monitor, February 14 2012

Besigye lashes out at Museveni over oil deals Daily Monitor, February 13 2012

High stakes in oil game, says analyst Daily Monitor, February 13 2012

‘Resource nationalism’ means Africa is waking up – finally Daily Monitor, February 12 2012

Lawyers want Kadaga to restrain MPs from oil bribery comments Daily Monitor, February 12 2012

Oil boom: conservationists raise eyebrows over threats to nature Daily Monitor, February 10 2012

PSAs signed with Tullow Oil should be available to Parliament Daily Monitor, February 10 2012

Government tables oil Bill Daily Monitor, February 09 2012

Clerics want army out of oil fields Daily Monitor, February 08, 2012

I ordered minister to sign oil agreement – Museveni The New Vision, February 08, 2012

Tullow sued over land compensation Daily Monitor, February 07, 2012

Uganda says oil could start flowing in a year The New Vision, February 07, 2012

New oil deals lift uncertainty among private sector players Daily Monitor, February 06 2012

Activists contest legality of new oil agreements Daily Monitor, February 06 2012

Irish to support government set up oil vocational institutions  Daily Monitor, February 04 2012

Uganda seals PSA deal with Tullow Oil The New Vision, February 04 2012

Government, Tullow sign fresh oil agreement Daily Monitor, February 04 2012

Lawyers petition envoys over oil agreements Daily Monitor, February 04 2012

Tullow Oil, Uganda government sign asset sale deal Daily Monitor, February 03 2012

Govt hikes its share of oil royalties to 93%, The Observer, February 01 2012

Stabilisation clauses in oil deals are bad Daily Monitor, January 29 2012

Museveni, oil firms disagree over tax Daily Monitor, January 28 2012

Oil delay: Who wins, loses?  Daily Monitor, January 28 2012

Stabilisation clauses in oil agreements simply untenable Daily Monitor, January 27 2012

Government reviews oil stability clause The New Vision, January 26 2012

Makerere to offer oil courses  The New Vision, January 25 2012

Insurers to form oil fund The Observer, January 25 2012

Tullow Oil agreement hits snag over clause favouring Tullow Daily Monitor, January 23 2012

MPs sensitised on oil baggage The Observer, January 19 2012

Oil school opened without approval The Observer, January 08 2012