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Publish what you pay – Uganda

Publish What You Pay-Uganda (PWYP-U) is part of a global Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition that aims to promote transparency and accountability in the extractives sector.

PWYP-U was established in 2008 and now has 40 member organisations. The main purpose of the coalition is to create a common advocacy and coordination platform for civil society organizations to voice their concerns about the extractives industry. The coalition allows individual members to maintain their autonomy while participating in PYP-U activities.

The coalition is managed through a secretariat hosted by one of the member organisations as decided by an Annual General Assembly. Currently, the coalition is hosted by Global Rights Alert.

At the regional and sub-national level, PWYP-Uganda has three chapters: in Bunyoro, Karamoja and south western Uganda. These take into account the diversity in the types of extractives and there is flexibility in their expansion as the industry grows.

The coalition’s goal is improved transparency and accountability in the use and management of extractives and natural resource revenues, for the well being of Ugandans. PWYP-U hopes to achieve this by influencing key policy processes, decisions and practices in the extractive industry through capacity building, advocacy and community mobilization.

PWYP-U has identified three key thematic areas to help reach its goal. These are:

  1. Enhance the capability of coalition members and communities to use information on extractive industry for effective monitoring and proactive engagement with government
  1. Advocate for policy, legal and practice changes towards enhanced transparency and accountability in the management of extractive industry
  1. Improve the performance of PWYP-Uganda in coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the strategic plan at all levels.

Specifically, PWYP-U is promoting:

  • Contract transparency
  • Collection of due revenues and proper use of such revenues by the government
  • Empowerment of local communities, especially in the oil regions, to understand and participate in all oil development processes
  • Networking among members and non member organizations with similar or related objectives

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